Its the 20th July 2021, here in Victoria , Australia, we are in lockdown again due to Covid19 “Delta” strain. I have been researching for an article on Mourning wear, ‘Mofuko’ Kimono.

I came across this superior post by Chayatsuji Kimono, and decided why on earth write a post when another person has already made one on the subject and its brilliant!

So, please follow this link to read all you need to know on Mofuko. And spend the next few hours browsing her site, immersed in her blog. The articles are very informative and the images are so lovely.

Do yourself a favor, check the blog out and subscribe and follow. Trust me, Chayatsuji Kimono blog is soooo well created and written, if your a loyal follower you know that already, if your not, no more wasting time, check it out!

Formality Series: Mofuku – Chayatsuji Kimono (

Womens Kimono Styles Bootcamp

Stumbled across this today, thought it was very well done and very pleasing to the eye. Shows simply and beautifully various styles of womens kimono. Check out the blog, it dates back to 2013, only about a dozen posts were made, I dont know why it never went further on, but it has some really lovely articles well worth reading.


japanroo festival


Coming up in middle of August, 2021 is a Japanese/Australian festival to be located around Sydney.     If you check out the web address above, you will find out all about the artists who designed the logo.   One is Japanese the other Australian.  I think its cute.   A surfin’ roo!        Mount Fuji looks happy too.         While  your on the page, check out events that are being held.