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Wattle and Koi select unique traditional and modern Japanese kimono and accessories to go with kimono wearing. We offer beautiful items with affordable prices worldwide! Australian based kimono Creative Extraordinaire. Wattle and Koi design and handmake modern Kimono as well as selling specially selected antique and vintage Kimono. Traditional Japanese kimonos, have been my passion for a long time, I am now offering a variety of hand picked antique and vintage kimono and accessories for sale.

Japanese sushi!

That’s how my first real interest in Japanese culture began. I believe that this is often the case. Sushi then using chopsticks correctly, onto Sake, Anime, Green tea and Kimono. These were my stepping stones. Travelled over from Australia to Japan and fell in love with Japanese food and culture even more. And the people. Truly amazing! Over the years, I have grown my passion for traditional Japanese culture and I started to embrace more of the Japanese kimono, for aesthetic and wearing and I learned how to style them.

There is this most wonderous feeling when you wear kimono. It is the same for the Scarlett O’Hara hooped dresses {Gone with the Wind movie}, the way you move and your very behavior seems to change. One can argue that a Kimono is a work of art, a cultural icon or just a item of clothing, however you see them, they have had great workmanship behind them, from silk dyers and weavers, designers of motif, seamstress who hand sews the kimono, the Kitsuke dresser, and the owner of their beloved kimono, who lovingly tends the kimono to pass onto another generation, in time.

Kimono culture and the rules for dressing and etiquette are very old and deep seated indeed. It’s a completely different world. I am still on my path of learning and really appreciate those who have and are still teaching me about Kimono

My ongoing desire is to help spread the interest in kimono around the world.

I want to inspire with modern styling ideas as well as embracing the traditional aspects of Kimono.

Sharing the love of kimono worldwide!